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Pregnant women in antenatal class


Our 4-week group antenatal hypnobirthing course for pregnant women and their birth partners.  Recommended from 20+ weeks of pregnancy.


Join up to 5 other couples in this interactive workshop which will give you the tools to prepare for an empowered, positive birth.

The course is held at Moon Women's Health, London NW5.


Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation programme for pregnant women and their birth partners.

The course equips you with practical tools and knowledge to help you approach birth with calmness, confidence and an awareness of your choices. 


Evidence-based self-hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques are taught which assist you in releasing anxieties and training yourself to relax in any situation.

Birth partners will also learn how to offer practical support in pregnancy and during birth, which gives them a clear role in assisting you at this special time.  You are also more than welcome to take the course on your own if a birth partner is unavailable.

As well as the physiology of birth, the course also explains the role that hormones play and what you can do to make your birth smoother.

Hypnobirthing is suitable for all mums-to-be, no matter how they choose to give birth.  Even if you have special circumstances in your pregnancy that require medical intervention, hypnobirthing can help to build your confidence and better communicate with your care providers.

Hypnobirthing does not promise a particular type of birth as birth happens in many different ways. However, it does help you to have a more positive experience so that you can begin your journey into parenthood in the best possible way.

​Group and private hypnobirthing courses available.  Click the relevant button below to find out more.



Whether you’re a first-time mother or have given birth before


If you want to build confidence and cultivate a positive mindset for birth


Whether you plan to give birth at home, in hospital or in a birth centre


If you have worries or anxiety that you want to release and replace with calmness and positive anticipation


Whether you’re planning for a natural or medically managed birth


If you want to prepare for your baby’s birth in a proactive and mindful way


If you want a one-stop-shop where you'll receive comprehensive antenatal education as well as relaxation and confidence-building tools


If your birth partner would like to learn practical ways to support and advocate for you during the birth


If you want to feel empowered as you approach birth and understand how to make informed decisions for yourself and your baby

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