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Join us for a relaxing and rejuvenating pregnancy mini retreat in the wonderfully calming studio space at Moon Women's Health NW5.

Step away from the busyness of daily life and treat yourself to a soothing and confidence-boosting experience designed to help you slow down, unwind and connect with yourself and your growing baby in a tranquil environment alongside other mums-to-be.

The next retreat date is Sunday 23rd June 2024

Studio at Moon Women's Health






Indulge in a revitalising 3-hour retreat tailored for your relaxation. Immerse yourself in a variety of nurturing and mindful activities aimed at restoring balance, releasing tension, and enhancing your overall sense of wellbeing. Gain confidence in your pregnancy journey as you unwind and reconnect with yourself and tune into your growing baby.


The offering includes:


  • Grounding pregnancy yoga session

  • Soothing guided relaxation

  • Calming breathwork

  • Mindful art/crafts

  • Confidence-building exercise

  • Light refreshments

During pregnancy, prioritising self-care is essential, yet finding time to slow down and nurture yourself amidst the rush of daily life can be challenging. This retreat offers the perfect opportunity for you to unwind and feel truly cared for.


Suitable for all stages of pregnancy so why not treat yourself or a pregnant loved one.

The next retreat date is Sunday 23rd June 2024

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