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My name is Tracy, founder of Sankofa Hypnobirthing.  I'm based in North London and have been teaching hypnobirthing since 2014.  

I discovered hypnobirthing late in my own pregnancy in 2009 and was amazed by the positive difference it made to the rest of my pregnancy and my son’s birth. 

I initially trained in hypnotherapy before then moving on to obtain a specialist hypnobirthing qualification. My hypnotherapy training means I am able to create tailored hypnosis scripts and tailor my hypnobirthing teaching to fit the specific needs or concerns of my clients.

I'm passionate about assisting expectant mums in proactively preparing for their babies' births and in making informed decisions about their antenatal care. 


I take a holistic mind-body approach with my teaching and I'm proud to have witnessed the amazing transformation in so many women and their birth partners as they grew in confidence after the sessions.





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Philosophy of Sankofa Hypnobirthing

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The Sankofa (pronounced san-ko-fah) bird is a traditional symbol from Ghana, West Africa.  The word literally means 'to go back and get it' and represents the value of past wisdom and the benefit of reaching back to retrieve, remember and reapply this wisdom. 


In many ways, modern society has forgotten that giving birth is a natural process which, under normal circumstances, should progress smoothly and efficiently without excessive discomfort or stress on the mother or child. 


As a result of this forgetting, trust in the instinctive, biological process of birth has been lost. Through hypnobirthing, mothers learn to grow in confidence and feel empowered knowing that they have everything they need for a calm, confident and positive birth, no matter how their babies are born. 

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