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Thanks for stopping by and if you are pregnant, many congratulations! I’m Tracy Awere, founder of The Sankofa Birth Experience. I am the proud mother of one teenage son and a dedicated holistic birth preparation specialist.

I am passionate about helping pregnant women and their partners develop emotional and practical tools to have a calm, confident and positive birth experience.


I came across hypnobirthing late in my own pregnancy and was amazed by the positive difference it made to the rest of my pregnancy and my son’s birth. 

Being fascinated by how our minds work, I initially trained in hypnotherapy before then going on to obtain a specialist hypnobirthing qualification.  I have been teaching hypnobirthing since 2014 and my hypnotherapy training means I can create tailored hypnosis scripts and adjust my hypnobirthing teaching to fit the specific needs or concerns of my clients.   


I am also a certified pregnancy yoga teacher trained by YogaBirth which has its roots in the Active Birth movement. I lead a weekly in-person group class for mums-to-be where we work with gentle yet strengthening movements; connecting with gravity, breath, and postures to bring ease during pregnancy and build a foundation for positions that can be used in labour


As a trained coach, I'm also able to enrich my clients’ pregnancy experience by providing holistic support and guidance on improving their emotional wellbeing and positive mindset in the lead-up to birth.  I believe that expectant mothers already have the intuitive knowledge, capability and strength inside them to navigate their pregnancy and birth and, with gentle guidance, I hold space to nurture them to grow in confidence.  This is why working with me is an 'experience' rather than your average antenatal class.


With my love of learning and all things pregnancy and birth, I continue my professional development by reading relevant books and journals and by attending workshops and conferences.


Sankofa bird_edited.png

The Sankofa (pronounced san-ko-fah) bird is a traditional symbol from Ghana, West Africa.  The word translates to 'go back and get it' and represents the value of past wisdom and the benefit of reaching back to retrieve, remember and reapply this wisdom. 


In many ways, modern society has forgotten that giving birth is a natural process which, under normal circumstances, can progress smoothly and efficiently without excessive discomfort or stress on the mother or child. 


As a result of this forgetting, trust in the instinctive, biological process of birth has been lost. Through intentional, holistic birth preparation, mothers learn to grow in confidence and feel empowered knowing that they have everything they need for a calm, confident and positive birth, no matter how their babies are born. 

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