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Yoga is proven to have numerous positive effects on both the body and mind; making it especially valuable in supporting you during pregnancy, through to birth. 


It provides the perfect opportunity to come out of your head and instead feel into your body which is the best preparation for labour and birth.  It also gives you some precious time to yourself as you practice.

My weekly YogaBirth group classes are held every Tuesday in Archway N19

Women practicing prenatal yoga in class

What to expect from YogaBirth
Pregnancy Yoga classes

The YogaBirth classes offered here are specifically designed for pregnancy and are tailored to adapt to your ever-changing body.  Attention is given to how you may be feeling at different stages in your pregnancy and an awareness of what your body needs.

YogaBirth uses yoga as a tool to prepare for birth holistically; engaging your body, your breath and your intuition.  You will find that many of the postures taught in class are also very effective positions for physiological labour and the rhythmic, yogic breathing techniques double as the natural breathing patterns of labour and birth. 

Regular practice of the postures and breathing helps them become ingrained, familiar, and soothing to you.  This means that when the time eventually comes for your baby to be born, you can confidently draw upon these tools to help your body work well and birth more easily.


The YogaBirth™️ practice is gentle yet strengthening with awareness of gravity, your breath and the subtle movements through your spine and your whole body. Each class also includes an informal discussion on pregnancy and birth topics to empower and inform you as you get to know other mums-to-be in a supportive environment.

YogaBirth classes help you to:

Pregnant woman in seated yoga pose
  • Enjoy deep relaxation to increase wellbeing and reduce stress

  • Encourage your baby into an optimal position for a smoother labour

  • Improve your balance and posture to ease backache and pelvic discomfort

  • Gain an understanding of your body and your breath and how they work effectively together

  • Slow down and bond with your baby before birth

  • Prepare for labour and birth in a practical and effective way

  • Improve your breathing and energy levels, especially in later pregnancy 

  • Practice comfort measures that can be used to ease discomfort during labour

  • Understand and effectively do pelvic floor exercises

  • Discover ways to rest during labour and conserve your energy

  • Socialise and get to know other pregnant women in a supportive environment

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