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"My husband and I easily understood the material in the hypnobirthing sessions thanks to Tracy's ability to make the information digestible and instil confidence that we could totally do this.


When the birth-day arrived, we were able to put everything we had learnt into practice and I can honestly say I had the best birth experience I could have asked for. The breathing and visualisation techniques that Tracy taught us enabled me to shift my mind to a peaceful place and within 8 hours our beautiful baby girl arrived safely- all with NO PAIN RELIEF- now that's truly a result for someone who started off wanting a c-section! 

I found the whole experience empowering and bringing our daughter into this world is the best thing that I've done in my whole life. We would recommend this hypnobirthing course to all parents and cannot thank Tracy enough for giving us her time, expertise, confidence and making this the best birth experience we could have asked for."

Rutchie & Harvey

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