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About the course

Course structure

I currently offer one-to-one (private) classes for pregnant women and their birth partners.  These private classes mean the sessions can be tailored to your specific needs or concerns.

The course is divided into 4 sessions which are typically taught over a period of 4 consecutive weeks.  Each session is approximately 2.5 hours long and they are scheduled at mutually convenient dates and time.

Live, online classes

Online classes are available via Zoom meaning you can take a class with me no matter where you are located.  These are live classes that cover the full hypnobirthing course content so you don't miss out on anything even though you're learning remotely.

In-person classes

Face to face classes held in the comfort of your own home.  I come to you so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the sessions! I can travel to most London locations; contact me to enquire if you live further away.

What's included?

  • Full hypnobirthing training

  • Hypnobirthing relaxations in MP3 format

  • Hypnobirthing coursebook

  • Ongoing hypnobirthing support via email/telephone right up until your baby's birth

See the full course syllabus below

Course fee

  • The cost of the live, online course is £349

  • Your investment for the in-person course in your own home £599


Course fees are paid in advance via bank transfer. Payment plans are available if you'd like to pay in instalments.  I also offer concessionary rates for those who need it.


Contact me to book your course or to discuss payment options.


Hypnobirthing Syllabus

AdobeStock_180885576 listening to hypnob

The logic of Hypnobirthing

Session 1

  • How hypnosis works 

  • Philosophy of hypnobirthing

  • How the mind works

  • The impact of negative input

  • Muscles of the womb

  • Fear Vs Calm response

  • The mind-body connection

  • Hypnobirthing relaxation script

AdobeStock_232966546 pregnant resting on

Tools to prepare your mind & body

Session 2

  • Hypnobirthing breathing practice 

  • Visualisations for birth

  • Affirmations for positive birth

  • Encouraging optimal foetal positioning

  • Physical preparation for birth

  • Birthing positions

  • Hypnobirthing relaxation scripts

AdobeStock_252813299 doula with rebozo.j

The lead up to birth

Session 3

  • The truth about  'due dates'!

  • Understanding cervical sweeps

  • Induction and 'natural' induction of labour

  • Birth companion's questions

  • The onset of labour- how will you know?

  • Confidence building hypnobirthing script


Birth Day

Session 4

  • Looking at the different places of birth

  • First stage of labour

  • Second stage of labour

  • Cord clamping  & cutting

  • Birthing your placenta

  • Refining your birth preferences

  • Birth rehearsal hypnobirthing script

Course syllabus
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